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Entorno y actividades

Castillo de Coca Puente Grande de Coca Torre de San Nicolás Castillo de Coca
The town of Coca

The town of Coca belongs to the province of Segovia, in the territory of the Countryside Segoviana, in the autonomous community of Castile and Leon, and into the path of Santiago. 

It is a stunning location surrounded by woodland and situated between the rivers Eresma and Voltoya, which has a great tourist attraction with its many monuments.

Since it is important not only accommodation, our customers will have a wide range of activities. 

Below is a sample of the bid may be made if they decide to visit:
.: Active tourism
  • Bike routes:Within the town itself an enterprise is nature trails or the town.

  • http://cocaapedal.es

  • Canoe, kayak, canoes:Coca close to are the Duratón River Gorges to practice these water activities and enjoy a great natural landscape


  • Ballooning: performed by the capital and there are several companies with different routes. We take care of all the processing, customers just need to let us know the day you want to enjoy this experience.


.: Wine Tourism

.: Cultural Tourism

.: Eco Tourism

.: Gastronomic tourism
  • Bar Rte. La Muralla:a wide range of typical Segovia, specializing in pork, canapés weekends and tastings of typical local products.


Restaurante La Muralla
N de Registro Turismo: Apar - Tco 40/95

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